Chapter 6: NN Co-founder, Kaidy Jimenez Solesky - Nina Nieves

Chapter 6: NN Co-founder, Kaidy Jimenez Solesky

Kaidy Jimenez Solesky – co-founder and creative director of Nina Nieves and our Chapter 6 protagonist. Our story would not be near completion without a two part look “behind the cape” at the women who made them, what drives them and where they find inspiration in their daily lives. Let’s dive in…


Short Stories: Chapter 5 - Nina Nieves

Short Stories: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – a peek behind the lens of one of our beloved and talented photographers, Izzy Saff.  In a hashtag, she’d describe herself as a #dreamer – something we see so beautifully captured across her body of work. Inspired by people, new places, music and art, Izzy’s adventurous spirit and lust for life drew us to her when looking for someone to help bring our cape collection to life. 
Short Stories: Chapter 3 - Nina Nieves

Short Stories: Chapter 3

In the third chapter of our NN Short Stories series, we meet the uber talented, multi-faceted, Elena Murzello.  Writer, actress, world traveler, MBA grad, nurse – in a word, #ambitous.
Short Stories: Chapter 2 - Nina Nieves

Short Stories: Chapter 2

As an executive, mom and wife Amanda wears many hats, and wears them well. You can almost hear Ciara’s “Level Up” playing in the background when she enters a room. Sit up and take notes – this woman is one to watch.

Short Stories: Chapter 1 - Nina Nieves

Short Stories: Chapter 1

Meet Jessica Rosado - our leading lady in this month’s chapter of the NN Short Stories Series. 

In a hashtag, this multimedia content producer is #fearless, bringing us incredible stories of women making an impact across a multitude of platforms. As creator and host of The Digital Coffee Date, two seasons in, Jessica remains inspired by every guest on her podcast...

Capes: Our Hero Garment - Nina Nieves

Capes: Our Hero Garment

What makes a cape most intriguing is the person that wears it. Typically not the first thing you think of when choosing outerwear...
It's All In the Fabric - Nina Nieves

It's All In the Fabric

The world was our oyster when deciding what kind of fabric to use for the Nina cape...