Chapter 6: NN Co-founder, Kaidy Jimenez Solesky

Chapter 6: NN Co-founder, Kaidy Jimenez Solesky - Nina Nieves

Kaidy Jimenez Solesky – co-founder and creative director of Nina Nieves and our Chapter 6 protagonist. Our story would not be near completion without a two part look “behind the cape” at the women who made them, what drives them and where they find inspiration in their daily lives. Let’s dive in…


In a hashtag Kaidy would describe herself as - #ambitious – and those who know her would have to agree. There is no one with more hustle and heart than Kaidy and when she sets her mind to something, well…watch out world. “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” by Celia Cruz is playing and Kaidy is making her grand entrance.


Her style – impeccable, modern, classic. The perfect mix of her style icons Audrey Hepburn and Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, what Kaidy doesn’t realize is that while she’s looking at women like them and the glossy pages of her latest Vogue, everyone else is looking at her as she blazes the fashion trail for her family and friends.


Inspiration comes to Kaidy through her beautiful daughter, Adele. Watching her grow into a little lady, seeing the next generation of Nina Nieves in her eyes, gives her the drive to keep growing and expanding the brand. And boy do she and her sister Karol have plans (cue summer cape and pool chic vibes – get excited!).


Kaidy holds her definition of beauty very personal – truly in the eye of the beholder. A very visual person, she loves to surround herself with things that are aesthetically pleasing. A notebook, a dress, a piece of art - seeing it all come together brings her great joy. When it comes to people, and many of her muses for the Nina Nieves brand, she believes that beauty is expressed through confidence and poise. Poised people are always beautiful, they have such a quiet strength and elegance about them and in their presence that’s all you'll see.In between her many roles as wife, mother, sister, friend and entrepreneur, Kaidy loves a good book. Right now she suggests that we all grab “Judgement Detox” by Gabrielle Bernstein. Her teachings of self -awareness have been a life changing revelation at this point in Kaidy’s life as she continues to grow, learn and better her life and the lives of others.


Over the years, Kaidy has lived in many places, many climates but now calls Tampa, FL home. She loves the sense of community and the amazing neighborhood she lives in with her family. Amazing restaurants (Roca being a favorite) and an envious proximity to some of the world’s best theme parks year round, memories have been made there in abundance, friends have become family and Nina Nieves was born.


We can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings for Kaidy and Nina Nieves. The rest is still unwritten.



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