About Us

Co-founders Kaidy Jimenez Solesky and Karol Jimenez Pagano


Nina Nieves

Nina Nieves is a family owned luxury brand with a focus on refined outerwear crafted with quality fabrics. The brand's introductory piece, the cape, is timeless yet modern creating the ultimate statement piece. Designs are influenced by the easy elegance and graceful style of our Puerto Rican mother and grandmothers. 

Women owned, family born, our mission is to empower the women that wear our garments as well as those who create them and provide the perfect, classic staple for any wardrobe, any generation, any style.

Quality first

We designed items we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to quality.

family heritage

The influence of the brand is rooted in the creative legacy of our grandmother and her meticulously crafted dresses. Pictured here are Karol and Kaidy, adorned in one of their grandmother's designs, celebrating their first communion.

Co-founders Kaidy and Karol in vintage dresses their grandmother handmade.