Style Session: Holiday Ensemble No.1 - Nina Nieves

Style Session: Holiday Ensemble No.1

The holiday season brings with it a swirl of festive gatherings and cheerful moments, demanding an outfit that exudes both style and comfort. Elevating your attire to make a statement is easy when you have a standout piece like the Nina Nieves Sable Cape. Its luxurious design and timeless elegance serve as the cornerstone for creating a stunning ensemble that's fun, festive and comfortably chic.

The Nina Nieves Sable Cape, with its opulent texture (wool-cashmere blend) and classic black hue, sets the stage for a sophisticated and chic look. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this cape becomes the centerpiece of an ensemble that's bound to turn heads.

Pairs perfectly with the following...

The Miu Miu shoes, add a touch of glamour and comfort. Their unique design perfectly complements the sophistication of the sable cape while ensuring ease of movement throughout the celebrations.

The Babaton tweed mini skirt brings a playful yet refined element to the ensemble. Its tailored silhouette adds a fashionable edge that harmonizes seamlessly with the cape's drape and length.

The Alice + Olivia feather cuff long-sleeve top injects a playful yet sophisticated vibe. The feather cuffs add a touch of whimsy and glamour to the outfit.

The Jacquemus bag adds a festive pop of color to the ensemble while maintaining its chic and compact appeal. Its bold presence contrasts beautifully against the black ensemble.

Stay tuned for more holiday-inspired Style Sessions! 


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