Short Stories: Chapter 3

Short Stories: Chapter 3 - Nina Nieves

In the third chapter of our NN Short Stories series, we meet the uber talented, multi-faceted, Elena Murzello.  Writer, actress, world traveler, MBA grad, nurse – in a word, #ambitous.  There is little, scratch that, nothing that Elena can’t do. And while her hometown of Vancouver might often be rainy, she points to what follows – that clean breath of fresh air – as one of her favorite things about the city. Symbolic of her forward-thinking approach, Elena’s not one to dwell on the bad. She’s got big dreams and even bigger goals; we’re all just lucky to bear witness.

Never not learning, Elena has been finding recent inspiration from IDEO sessions where she has been introduced to some incredible authors and their books (Chris Wilson’s The Master Plan and Donald Burlock, Jr.’s Superhuman by Design to name a few). These authors are passing on valuable learnings from past experiences, much like the approach she took to penning her own novel – The Love List; A Guide to Getting Who You Want – a book she recommends everyone read and credits with changing her life.

In terms of style, Elena is as bold as her many aspirations and achievements. She selects the awe-inspiring Tracee Ellis Ross as her style icon for her daring and colorful taste. A day in that closet would be beyond her wildest dreams – is there anything that woman can’t pull off?  It’s that very confidence that Elena uses to define and exude beauty. A clear understanding of who you are and what you bring to the world, that gumption. Combine that with Elena's "walk out" song, Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”, playing in your path and you, like her, will have all eyes on you.

Thank you for joining Nina Nieves on our fashion journey, Elena. This will be a crusade in couture you won’t soon forget.

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I’m really impressed with the website’s content. Not just fashion but inspirational stories!