Short Stories: Chapter 4 - Nina Nieves

Short Stories: Chapter 4

#dressedblessedalwaystressed – mom, wife, style sommelier - Kendra Bissig, is the protagonist up next for our NN Short Stories series. As a wardrobe stylist in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where she loves the walkability of downtown and all that Lake St. Clair has to offer, there isn’t a fashion emergency she can’t extinguish. This woman has transitioned from being a stay at home mom to a full time entrepreneur with elegance, grace and clever wit to match (Are you following her on the gram? Do yourself a favor and add @the_blondemom to your feed.)

How does she do it all you might ask, and in heels no less? She sets her mind to finding balance in the chaos and embracing aging while tackling the growing needs of her family and clients. A woman of faith and kindness, The Bible is a book she recommends everyone read – grounding, inspiring and a timeless guide for whatever life throws at you. And whether she’s entering your closet, your fitting room or your event listen for the faint beats of “Take My Breath” by The Weeknd – a walkout anthem selected by her that packs a punch.

With Kendra’s fashion expertise covering any genre, any trend, it’s no surprise that her style icon is the inimitable Iris Apfel. A vibrant woman full of charisma, creativity and true gumption, one hour with Kendra and you’ll see the similarities between these women with your own bold framed lenses.

But perhaps one of the things we love most about Kendra, is how she defines beauty. In her own words she describes it as “The qualities of a person that make other people feel seen, valued, and loved. With lipstick.” and we don’t think we could have said it better ourselves.

Thank you for embracing Nina Nieves with open arms, Kendra. We’ll look forward to all your caped creations for years to come. 

📸 cred: Melissa Douglas | SEEN Magazine 

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