Short Stories: Chapter 1

Short Stories: Chapter 1 - Nina Nieves

Meet Jessica Rosado - our leading lady in this month’s chapter of the NN Short Stories Series. 

In a hashtag, this multimedia content producer is #fearless, bringing us incredible stories of women making an impact across a multitude of platforms. As creator and host of The Digital Coffee Date, two seasons in, Jessica remains inspired by every guest on her podcast. She graciously looks at the women featured as always giving her “golden nuggets of wisdom” from their stories, their experiences and their fresh perspective.  And did we mention she’s just been accepted into law school? We can’t keep up! If this woman had a theme song playing while she struts down the street, it’d be “My Power” by Beyoncé  - and we honestly can’t think of a more fitting anthem. 

 When it comes to books, she recommends that everyone grab a copy of “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.  She’s also a bigtime foodie and as a resident of Tampa she continues to be amazed by their growth in the foodie scene – always impressed by the new spots to check out and enjoy. 

 Last, but certainly not least, the reason we’re all here – the fashion. When it comes to style, there is only one icon for this beauty –  the one and only Jennifer Lopez. Jessica defines beauty as having an unapologetic appreciation for everything that makes you who you are - inside and out – and we can’t wait to see how she’ll translate that philosophy into her many looks with our NN cape. 

 Welcome to the NN family, Jessica.


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