Capes: Our Hero Garment

Capes: Our Hero Garment - Nina Nieves

What makes a cape most intriguing is the person that wears it. Typically not the first thing you think of when choosing outerwear and so it's no wonder superheroes, celebrities and the military seem to be the ones predominantly wearing capes. What do they have in common? A bold personality and the ability to stand out. And while the first cape dates back to 1066, with styles evolving over the years, the symbolism behind the wearer of the cape still remains.

The NN version reflects the perfect blend of Old Hollywood glam with princess shoulders made for royalty, with a modern silhouette that drapes elegantly over everything from yoga pants to the perfect power suit; styling limited only by your imagination. From Lanvin in the 20's, YSL in the 70's and most recently Burberry with a monogrammed version, designers have reinvented the cape time and time again, but one thing that remains is the uniqueness of the piece, its versatility and its purpose - to offer a layer of protection. Kind of explains why a sense of empowerment ensues when you wear a cape and why this is the perfect piece to anchor the launch of our brand.

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